The 2007 Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate Schools in our department is called "The Advanced Graduate Program in Mathematical Sciences". The objective of this program is to develop graduates who have the skills to collaborate with researchers in the fields of mathematical, natural and social sciences. In order to develop these skills it is essential to obtain fundamental mathematical skills. Moreover, it is very important for students to study the mathematical aspects of several phenomena arising from different fields. In order to achieve this we have introduced the MTS (Multi-Track System) which consists of three courses, namely (1) Pure Mathematics, (2) Applied Mathematics, (3) Mathematics Education. Students are expected to choose two or three of these courses in order to attain these skills.

At present students should have the ability to deliver modern presentations of their knowledge in order to facilitate collaborative work with diverse research groups. In semester one of 2008 we will begin a new subject in which groups of students give seminars on topics of their choice.

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